The products we offer are:      


wholesale - packed in

10 – 50 kg packs depending on the sort of product,

packed in 2, 3 or 5 kg packs,

retail - packed in small packs  


 Our key product is roasted sunflower seed offered in three sorts

 white (striped), black and salted white.













Our other products are:


small white bean, „Johnny” bean,

 „Pole Johnny” bean, color bean, whole pea,

husk-free pea, buckwheat groats,

barley groats, maize (corn) groats, poppy

seed, almonds, dried apricot,

husk-free hazelnut, husk-free walnut,

 pumpkin seed, Greece raisins, sesame seed,

flax seed, California plum, lentils,

soya, desiccated coconut


  Details are presented in the „Price list”




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